2014 Fairbury Fair 11th Annual Chili Cook Off

{ Entry Form }

Date: Sunday, August 17th, 2014
Location: Tent beside the Beer Stand-West end of Fairgrounds
This is the official site for the Cook-off!!! Any changes up to August 13th deadline will be posted here.

1.  Competition is limited to the first 12 entries received.
2.  Chili contest may be entered by individuals or a team of people.
3.  Competition is open to anyone.
4.  Chili must be prepared from scratch (no commercial chili mixes).
5.  Chili must be cooked on site the day of the cook off.  NO precooked meat or ingredients.
6.  Chili may be prepared with beans or without beans.
7.  Chili must be prepared in a sanitary manner.
8.  You must be willing to taste your own chili.
9.  Chili must be prepared in the open.  (Not in motor homes or enclosed areas)
10.  To be eligible for the People's choice prize, contestants must provide an extra TWO gallons for tasting.
11.  Each head cook must bring their tasting cup to the judges by the designated time of judging.
12.  Bring your own drop cords and power plugs for electricity.
13.  Each contestant/team is limited to one electrical appliance plugged in at a time.
Judging Criteria For Chili
1.  Aroma
2.  Taste
3.  Aftertaste
4.  Consistency

Showmanship Rules

  1. All above rules apply
  2. Must enter the chili cook off competition.
  3. Must enter showmanship on entry form. (NO entry fee)
  4. Must have a sign identifying your chili team name.
  5. Teams/individuals may not use nudity, profanity, firearms, explosives or pyrotechnics in their shows. 
  6. If you use music, you must provide your own player.
  7. Team/individual activities may not interfere with other contestants.
  8. Showmanship will be judged at a specific time during the competition. 
  9. Bring your own drop cords and power supplies if needed.
  10. Teams/individuals will be judged both at their cooksites and while traveling around the cook off, if applicable , during the judging period.

Judging Criteria For  Showmanship

1.  Theme
2.  Costume
3.  Booth set-up
4.  Action
5.  Audience Appeal

What to Bring

1.  Cooking stove or fuel-grills or coleman-type stoves.  Burning anything on the ground will not be allowed.
2.  All your utensils you will need for preparation: pots, cutting boards, knife, water, coolers for meats, paper towels, spoons, can opener, matches, etc. etc.
3.  All your ingredients--NONE  precooked.
4.  Table and chairs for cooking and sitting.  You will have a space 10' X 10' for your cooking and showmanship.
5.  If you are competing in showmanship, bring all your props, costumes, etc. 
6.  ****Parking by the competition is not available**** Your will be able to park outside the west gate (1st street gate).  You may drive in the gate and unload, then take your vehicle back outside the gate.
7.  Drop cord if you want to plug into electricity. 
138th Annual Fairbury Fair
August 13th-17th, 2014
"Through the Eyes of a Child"