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At the age of 10 Rob was hired to do his first 'paid' job for a local club Christmas party. Since then, through years of practice and thousands of performances he has honed his skills to a level of perfection that is both mystifying and entertaining.
Over the years Rob has gained the friendship and earned the respect of his fellow performers, some of which have become lifelong friends and mentors teaching him the most valued lessons in magic are not the tricks you do, but the person doing them that endears the performer to the hearts of your audience. The learning and application of this one feat has made Rob one of the most enjoyable to watch performers of today!

In February 2001 Rob was the featured performer on a 30-minute television special called ‘IT’S MAGIC’. It aired 8 times in  and around Chicago on AT&T Cable Services.

In March 2004, Rob competed in a national competition of Close-up magic at Abbott’s Close-Up Convention in Colon, Michigan (Magic Capitol of the World). The contest was voted on by over 70 of his peers in art of magic and Rob was awarded 2nd Place in the field of 17 competitors.

February of 2005 found Rob in front of the television cameras again. While performing at a private event in Las Vegas, part of Rob’s award winning magic was filmed for a national Japanese television program.

In March 2006, Rob competed again in a national competition of Close-up magic at Abbott’s Close-Up Convention. The contest was voted on by over 70 of his peers in the art of magic and Rob was awarded 1st Place in the field of 13 competitors.

In 2009 Rob began to lecture to other magicians. Rob has released his award winning routines to the magic community and sold them around the world. His lectures teach the solid magic and performing style Rob has become known for and have been well received where ever he goes.

Rob's performances have been featured in casino showrooms, corporate events, theaters and festivals across the Midwest.



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139th Annual Fairbury Fair
August 19th-23rd, 2015
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