Judging in Floral Hall is open Judging.  Please be considerate of the judges during this time and limit your conversations to outside the building.
The judging of all departments will begin at the following times:


Dept. A Beef Friday 8:00 am
  Steers Friday 1 hour after Beef show
Dept. B Dairy Cattle Wednesday 8:30 am
Dept. F Sheep Friday 8:00 am
  Market Lamb Show Saturday 8:00 am
Dept. U Dairy Goats Sunday 9:00 am
Dept. G Swine Wednesday 1:00 pm
Dept. I1 Poultry Wednesday 9:00 am
  Pigeons Wednesday 9:00 am
Dept. I2 Rabbits Wednesday 8:00 am
Dept. J Fruits and Vegetables Thursday 6:00 pm
Dept. L Floriculture Wednesday 9:00 am
Dept. M2 Textiles Wednesday 1:00 pm
Dept. M1 Fine Arts Wednesday 9:00 am
Dept. O Culinary Wednesday 1:00 pm
Dept. V Models Wednesday 10:00 am
Dept. H Junior Beef Saturday 8:00 am
Dept. H Junior Dairy Wednesday 8:30 am
Dept. H Junior sheep Saturday after market lambs
Dept. H Junior Swine Wednesday 8:00 am
Dept. P Junior Other Wednesday 1:00 pm
The order in which the classes will show in each department will be arranged for by the Superintendent of the departments.  Exhibitors must be ready for the judging ring when class is called.   The management reserves the right to change the judging hours when necessary.